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USS Hornet Found after 77 Years

Yesterday, the research team from the underwater exploration vessel RV Petrel published the first new images of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CV-8) taken since her sinking in 1942 during the Battle of Santa Cruz.

As for us - two years ago we created an image of the Hornet, her decks crammed with B-25 Bombers, steaming westward towards her first rendezvous with history.

As we researched every facet of the ship and crew, building a piece of artwork at a breakneck pace to meet a client's deadline, we fell in love with every fitting, weld, and streak of rust on her. We hope we've done her justice.

USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier
CV-8, USS Hornet

Tonight, we're reminded again to say a few words of quiet thanks to a legendary ship and her immortal crew.

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