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P-51 Profiles!

Though we're hard at work building a new P-51 model, we thought we'd share some of the liveries we've created over the years using our venerable P-51D model, dating back to the ancient times of 2007. Some details may be missing, accuracy not guaranteed!

P-51 Blakeslee
Col. Don Blakeslee, "WD-C"
Maj. Jim Goodson, "VF-B"
Sweed Steed P-51
Capt. William Y. Anderson, "Sweede's Steed III"
Live Bait P-51
Capt. Clayton Kelly Gross, "Live Bait"
"Checkertail Clan"
Crusader P-51
"Crusader" Owned by Joe Thibodeau
Val-Halla P-51
"Val-Halla" owned by Heritage Flight Museum
Stang-Evil P-51
"Stang Evil", owned by Mike Bertz.

Bare Metal P-51, Create your own livery!

Please Credit Hangar B Productions if you repost or share, we're pilots, we need the ego boost!

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