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Hump Day!

We're very proud to support Aerometal International, world renowned vintage aircraft restoration specialists with imagery for their annual Christmas Card!

Since many of the DC-3s, C-47s and Dakotas Aerometal operates and maintains are upwards of 70 years old, we often depict the aircraft in the midst of their World War II service.

In this case, C-47 42-47371 has a history of operating in the China, Burma, India theater (CBI), and we posited a likely scenario based on contemporary accounts, crew anecdotes, and our own imaginations!

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Adam, I just now discovered your website after reading the article on the F-21 Super Tomcat that you were so helpful on. Your design for the C-47 was nothing short of beautiful, and immediately brought me back to the stories that my late father had shared with my brothers and I of his service during WW2 .He flew the hump a total of 6 times during his 3 years of service in Burma,(Tibet), and China, while he ran a mobile surgical hospital (MASH) unit during his time there. Thank you for sharing your special talents with the rest of us ! All the best , Mike Egleston

Gefällt mir
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