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A-12, SR-71, Blackbird, Oxcart
Yes, that tail number falls within the range of probable prototypes. Noice!

We're proud to present another collaboration between Hangar B, author Tyler Rogoway and The Warzone, this time showcasing a mysterious wind tunnel configuration of the famous A-12 'Oxcart' featuring static chines (or canards, we're not sure which) on the forward fuselage. We think it looks pretty damn neat! Special shout out to our friend Pags, (not his/her real name) who provided some gorgeous reference pictures taken from their day "job" at 70,000 ft flying the U-2!

It's been a minute since we've updated the website proper, though we hope you're following our progress on Instagram and Facebook. We've been "head's down" working behind the scenes on a dozen or more different projects. We're going to be updating the website more frequently as more projects from the past few years begin to see the light of day. Thanks for being patient with us!

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